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The Best Defense

by Robert A. Waters
published by Cumberland House, Nashville Tennessee


Highly recommended.
Extremely compelling factual acounts of "true stories of intended victims who defended themselves with a firearm".

This book is much more effective than reading an "armed citizen" newspaper clipping. Reading the in depth backround of the participants and the history leading up to the incidents gives a much clearer picture of the inevitability of some confrontations and unpredictability of others. The reader can see that violence can call on even on those who take every precaution to avoid it. At such a moment there is truly no one to turn to but one's own self.

The 14 chapters give nearly 20 full length acounts of how law-abiding people from all walks of life survived only because they were armed, some purely by happenstance and others by making a conscious decision to be responsible for their safety and that of their loved ones.

I feel this book would make a great basis for a television series called "Survivors" in the format of "COPS" or "911" etc. If any of you have a connection with a producer, give him/her a "poke!" This would be a hit. Even non-gun owners would like to see good triumph over evil.

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Targeting Guns

(firearms and their control)

Gary Kleck
Published by Walter de Gruyter, Inc, New York, 1997

LARGO Review (Preface)

This is the life long (self-avowed) liberal, democrat, author of Point Blank: Guns and Violence in America. He had expected the research involved in that writing to infer negatively on gun ownership. When he discovered the vast amount of violent crimes that were prevented by firearms usage he had the integrity to stand by his reasearch. Although that book was awarded the best book (of 1993) on criminology by the American Society of criminology it was largely ignored by gun control advocats such as most medical journals and our Government's Justice Department and Center for Disease Control

LARGO Review: Highly Recommended

Once again the author is to be highly commended for his integrity in seeking the truth. As he makes a point of his liberal connections he also profers that he has never had connections to any advocacy group on either side of the "gun issue".

This is a very highly researched and carefully written reference book. There are no emotional stories here about innocents whose lives were saved or destroyed by gunfire.

This book (Targeting Guns) is an excellent updated revision of his earlier work. It is more readable, less technical, and lower priced. Facts and figures updated to 1996.

This book covers every gun related issue from accidents to crimes to self-protection in great depth. It is a must read for anyone ("pro gun" or "anti gun") who is looking for clean honest research that is not "spun" or slanted to present an agenda.

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