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As endorsed by LEAA (Law Enforcement Alliance of America)

  1. Law enforcement efforts to prosecute and lobby for stricter penalties for the use of any firearm in the commission of a crime should be fully supported.
  2. Individuals should be held fully responsible for their actions It is reprehensible to transfer the blame to inanimate objects.
  3. Work should be done to improve the public image of sportsmen in general and particularly firearms owners these interests have been portrayed in inaccurate and negative manners too often.
  4. Not all gun use is criminal In fact there are two and one half million incidents per year in the U.S.A. when a legally armed citizen will save lives by preventing a violent crime (Criminologist Gary Kleck).
  5. Since Felons, Drug Addicts, and Mentally Incompetent individuals are already banned from possession of all firearms any new restrictions are obviously aimed at law- abiding citizens.
  6. Legislation which cannot be applied consistently according to the laws of logic should be strongly contested banning any particular firearm (or other object) because it may be used in an irresponsible or criminal manner is exactly the same as banning a particular vehicle because it may be used for DWI or vehicular homicide.
  7. It is undesirable to support gun laws which favor expansion of the criminal element After many increased restrictions Washington D.C. finally banned possession of virtually all firearms in 1976. Twenty years later you can see the result. It has become an urban war zone where the predatory criminals still possess any weapon they please and any citizen who wishes to protect his loved ones must break the law to do so.
  8. It is necessary to take a more active role in the support of those politicians who stand up for the rights of lawful and responsible gun owners.

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