Gun Ban Votes

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Ratings based upon Senators' actions regarding S.1985 Gun Ban restricting Law-Abiding Citizens. F = FOR the gun ban and FAILED to respect the Second Amendment,
A = a good rating as in against the gun ban. A A F F F A A F A F F A F F
Senator William R. Keating(no E-mail) F A A
Senator Stephen F. Lynch(no E-mail) F F
Senator Linda J. Melconian(no E-mail) A F A F A A F A F F A F F A A F F F

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(Based upon Vote on H.5636) House Members Voting to Further Restrict Second Amendment Rights of Law Abiding Citizens = F.
Those who tried to preserve Second Amendment rights = A. F F A F F F F F F A F F F F F F F F F F F A F A F F A F F F F F F F A F A F A F A F F A A A F A A F A A A F A A F F F F F F A A F F A A A F F A F F A A A A F A F A A F F A A F F F F F A A F F F F F A
Janet.O' F
Thomas.O' A
Eugene.O' F F F F A F A F A A F A F F A A F F F F F A F F A F F F F F A A F F F F F F F A F A F A A F

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