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National Association of Chiefs of Police Survey Results

The 11th consecutive annual survey by this group was completed on April 1, 1998. Survey questions were asked (by mail) of 16,000 Chiefs of police and Sheriffs representing a cross section of professional officers involving every State. Among the several topics included on the survey were the following questions dealing with firearms:

Do you believe any law-abiding citizen should be able to purchase a firearm for sport or self-defense?

YES 92.3%

Do you believe misuse of firarms by children to be a "public health problem?"

NO 51.1%

Do you believe such a course (mandatory gun safety and laws course in order to buy a firearm) may violate Second Amendment rights to bear arms?

YES 70.2%

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Massachusetts Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors' and Armorers' Association - Results of Membership Survey

Survey Results: (Sample questions from survey given members to determine law enforcement position on State Senator Jacques' proposed "assault gun" ban).

  1. "As a law enforcement officer, do you support or oppose legislation, such as that proposed by Senator Jacques, to ban the ownership, possession, or sale of certain models of semi-automatic rifles?"

    96.8% OPPOSE

  2. "Do you feel such a ban will reduce crimes committed with firearms?"

    94.7% NO

  3. "Do you feel banning guns with flash hiders, large capacity magazines, folding stocks, etc. will have any effect in reducing crime?"

    94.7% NO

  4. "As a law enforcement officer, do you feel that banning laser sights will reduce crime?"

    95.7% NO

  5. "Do you feel that creating additional licensing requirements and bureaucratic paperwork in order for law-abiding citizens to lawfully own a firearm which would be covered in the proposed legislation cited above will reduce crime?"

    97.9% NO

  6. "As a law enforcement officer, do you feel that such regulations, if put into effect, will substantially reduce crime?"

    96.8% NO

    (Above information as published in The Message, July 1997, Vol. 18, No.7)

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San Diego Police Department Association

Survey Results:

  1. Do you support an assault weapon ban?

    • YES 17.1%
    • NO 82.1%

  2. Do you support a limitation on magazine capacity?

    • YES 16.4%
    • No 82.2%

  3. Do you support a law-abiding private citizen's right to carry a concealed weapon?

    • YES 84.9%
    • NO 14.9%

  4. Do you believe that armed, law-abiding citizens are a threat to you as a peace officer?

    • YES 12.1%
    • NO 87.8%

  5. Have recent gun laws (weapons bans, magazine capacity limits and increased waiting periods) reduced violent crime in your service area?

    • YES 2.8%
    • NO 94.2%

  6. Would you support a point-of-sale backround check for the purchase of a firearm?

    • YES 92.1%
    • NO 7.1%

  7. Does gun ownership by private citizens increase public safety?

    • YES 87.1%
    • NO 11.4%

  8. Do you believe the criminal justice system needs streamlining and reform?

    • YES 99.2%
    • NO 0.0%

  9. Do you believe in the death penalty?

    • YES 99.2%
    • NO 0.7%

  10. Do you believe that further restrictive gun laws will decrease violent crime?

    • YES 7.1%
    • NO 92.1%

  11. Do you believe gun buy-back or turn-in programs take guns out of the hands of criminals?

    • YES .7%
    • NO 98.5%

  12. Do you believe that misuse of a firearm in a crime should result in stiff, mandatory sentances with no plea bargaining?

    • YES 95.6%
    • NO 2.8%

Survey was printed in the Jan./Feb. issue of The Informant,the official publication of SDPDA

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